Your super is too important to outsource overseas

Did you know that many accountants now prefer to send your SMSF processing work offshore to countries like Malaysia, Philippines, India & Pakistan?

While this may have it’s benefits from a cost savings perspective quite often those cost savings aren’t passed on to you.  In many circumstances the accuracy of the work that comes back from overseas is… well let’s just say it’s not up to our standards.

Some accounting firms even disguise the fact that they are sending your work overseas by sending it via an intermediary company here in Australia and then putting it in the fine print of a privacy statement that they will very quietly get you to sign.  To be honest it’s downright dishonest (and disgusting) for them not disclose that they are sending your personal information overseas… and that includes your tax file numbers !!!

At Innova we believe that your SMSF documents and all your personal information should be kept in safe hands right here in Australia and we will continue to do so… that’s a promise.